“…bagels are made in-house with a touch of sourdough…”

Conde Nast Traveler

“I grew up eating at George’s delicatessen on Congress Street. The “original” authentic deli in Southern Maine. Finally had a chance to stop in to Rose and try it out. In a word, unbelievable. Can’t wait to go back and sample everything on the menu multiple times. Thank you!”

Lee Goldberg - WCSH6 News Anchor


“You have to leave NYC to get this classic experience”

Extra Crispy

"But it wasn’t just the tote that caught my eye at Rose Foods . .  It was everything.

Bon Appetit

“The Top 50 Nominees for America’s Best New Restaurants 2018”

Bon Appetit

"Food worth writing home about"

Maine Sunday Telegram

"The bagel at Rose Foods . . is better than any bagel that I’ve had in recent memory in New York City. And that’s not hyperbole. There’s a craftsmanship that goes into those bagels that is noticeable.”

Andrew Knowlton

“Each one is a beauty, but I’m partial to the Henry VIII with pastrami nova—smoked salmon cured with pastrami spices, such as coriander, paprika, black pepper, and brown sugar.”

Maine. The Magazine.

“Portland, Maine, is the 2018 Restaurant City of the Year”

Bon Appetit

“Food Stories” — Audio interview

“Can’t miss these bagels”

Zagat Survey

“The Ten Best Soups in Portland”

Portland Phoenix

“While the baker and chef at the new Jewish deli on Forest Avenue kept busy in the kitchen, owner Chad Conley worked with handymen on last-minute fixes. ‘Welcome to the neighborhood!’ read the note on a bouquet of flowers in the window, sent by a local resident.”

Portland Press Herald

“The Best Places to Eat Brunch on the Coast”

Coastal Living

“It was cute inside, tables in the back. I ordered a bagel w/cream cheese, tomato, capers and onion and an iced coffee. Our breakfast was delivered to our table on real plates (so nice!).”

Trip Advisor

“6 New Restaurants to Check Out in Portland, Maine”

Bon Appétit

“Rose Foods sometimes feels as if it’s in a time warp. The decor is mid-century Jewish deli, the music a blend of 1942 and 2017 and everything in between, and the wallpaper is vintage grandma’s dining room. The Uncle Leo was a hit. The bagel was crispy outside, soft and chewy inside. And, oh yes, those latkes. They’re calling my name.”


“A bagel purist would likely deem his methods unusual, at the very least. ‘I wanted something texturally and flavor-wise that was missing here: a light exterior crust and a bagel that isn’t dense, a bagel that is designed to be made into a sandwich. People who grew up eating New York bagels will probably say this is not it.’ Conley is right: They work beautifully as sandwiches.“

Portland Press Herald

“Busy” Portland “nugget” “beats a fast food joint any day – and they are fast!”

Citysearch Guide

“Sampled the golden bagels for the first time and forgot to go to work.”

Travis Ekmark